Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello!!!!  Today for the first time I went to Ulta! I have heard so much about how awesome the store was so I decided it was time to pay them a visit. let me start by saying that the store is HUGE. I had no clue it would be so large so I felt a little overwhelmed but I was alone so I had the opportunity to really take my time and look around. I worked my way from one side of the store to the other and I was very pleased with the wide selection. I had taken a quick peak at the website before my visit so I had somewhat of an idea of what I was to try. I walked in and was a little surprised at how expensive some of the products were but I did manage to find the clearance section! WOW I found so many great deals! Now I want to say I am not loyal to any brands so if I like a product weather its drug store or more high end I try to get the best deal I can and stretch my buck. I am also totally open to try any brands.  Here are a few things I picked up today from Ulta....

 Those little red stickers indicate the sale price that I paid since all of this was in the clearance section.
 Ulta Defining Curl Enhancer. It was priced at $9.00 and I got it for $2.25.

Bare Minerals Glow Getters (Radiant Trio for Face & Lips) This product was retailed at $42.00 & I paid $4.99 I was so excited! It came with 3 products inside.

I also got the SmashBox Try It Kit. It retails for $52.00 and the sticker fell off so I don't remember how much I paid but it was a great deal! This kit came with 5 products inside...

 The last two products were the Revlon Age Defying Makeup with Botafirm SPF15 that foundation retailed for $11.99 and I paid $2.99. Now last but not least the Rimmel London Stay Glossy Lip gloss and ir retailed at about $7.00 and I paid  99cents! You can totally get some great deals no matter where you go as long as you look! You don't have to sacrifice good quality products just because you are on a budget! I normally don't wear makeup everyday so I know these products will last me a long time. Oh before I forget  picked up some Hard Candy Primers as well in my local Walmart! I heard some great reviews on the primers so I finally found them...

I was able to get this mini set for $1.97!!!!!!  I jumped for joy when I found this great deal! So there you have it ladies...You can look fabulous and save a buck <3 I would love to hear your comments about some great deals that you all have found! See you soon!

P.s. I wanted to mention that my local Ulta is having a promotion tomorrow July 26th at 6pm to 8pm and they will be offering Free Blow Drys so contact your local Ulta and make an appointment! Who would not love a few day of beauty?!

Hey Everyone!!!!  I hope you are all doing well. Well it's that time of the week!!! Coupon Prep Time!
This week I checked out the previews and you can expect 3 inserts in the paper so go out and make sure you pick up that Sunday paper! Start making your list and getting your coupons together so you can be prepared! Please remember that the preview for Walgreen's comes out on Friday and the preview for CVS came out today. Hope you all have a great day!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm Back!!!!

Well I am Back!!!!!! OMG I have missed you all sooo much!!!!!!
Well I have been gone a very long time but I am so happy to be back! To make a long story short you may all remember that i was preparing to have gastric bypass surgery and I am hay to say I finally had my surgery. Unfortunately I had very serious and fatal complications and I spent the better part of this year in the ICU unit recovering. Never the less I am finally home and well enough that I can continue my blog and move forward!

On a much better note I have lost 97lbs! When I started my weight lose journey I was 277lbs ( I can't believe I wrote that!) As of today I am 180lbs and I feel great! It has been a very hard journey but I feel like I have finally adjusted to all the changes going on in my life. This surgery has by no means been the easy way out. I still have to follow a strict diet and exercise plan but so far I think i have done well considering all of the complications I had to endure.So here are a few progress pictures, they are not the best quality but you get the idea LOL

   This is my husband and I with my sister in law when  I was at my heaviest 277lbs ( I am on the left)
 This picture was taken about 3 or 4 days ago and I am currently 180lbs. That is a 97lbs weight lose!

I would like to lose another 50lbs to be able to reach my goal weight of 130lbs so I will keep you all updated! Talk to you all soon!!!!! Muah <3

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hey Everyone! I hope your all doing great! I wanted to make this post about my new fitness routine. I have been working out and changing my diet. So far I have lost 35lbs and I could not be happier. I am in the process of getting gastric bypass surgery and I wanted to try and lose some weight on my own so after my surgery I can continue. So here is what I have been doing.... First I cut out all the fast food and soda. I have gotten into the habit of reading the labels as well. I tried counting calories but I get so busy that I can never really keep track so I control my portions and read labels. I also joined the gym. Now my personal goal is to workout twice a day. It may not always be possible but I try my best. in the morning Hubby and I go to the gym together. OMG it is so much fun when you have someone with you. We really keep each other motivated. I also have some workout stuff I use at home so for my nightly workout. This is my workout equipment... I want to mention everything I bought was on clearance or on sale.

 I have a yoga mat, a heavy duty resistance band, a 7lbs Kettlebell, 2 Five pound dumbbells, some workout videos and workout gloves. I also have a manual treadmill and simple pedometer (not picture). I keep it all in a big basket I got in Goodwill.

 I have noticed that it is really easy to workout when all of your stuff is already in one place, so I keep the basket under the end table in the living room next to the treadmill. now if I want a quick workout I have no excuse because everything I need is already there. Now I also take a bag with me when I go to the gym in the morning. I keep it packed at all times so I can get up and go and not waste time. 

 Inside my bag I keep a Mp3 holder for your arm. I use my cell phone so I just stick in the holder. I have my headphones, a small bag, a brush and a towel.  Now in the small bag I keep all my travel size products to save space. I normally get all these items for free using coupons so I keep them in a basket in my closet so when I need to refill its all in one spot. I keep a small deodorant, a small body wash, Aleve, a face wash, shampoo & conditioner, and wisk samples to brush my teeth. The bag is light weight and if I need to freshen up at the gym I have everything I need. I keep track of my workouts on a small calendar that I keep in my office space so I can visually see where I am at.

 Well I hope you all have a great day!!! I would love to hear your comments and dont forget to follow me!
Happy Saving!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Hey Everyone! I wanted to talk today about Christmas decor. I would love to go all out and decorate my home but my apartment is very tiny and we are in the progress of buying a bigger home so I wanted to use what I already had and not go crazy at the store. First I want to add that a few years ago when Romeo started walking he loved to play with the tree ornaments and they would end up broken so I went to Walmart and invested in really nice ornaments and I made sure they were shatter proof. This is the best investment I have ever made. 3 kids later and they are still going strong lol. Here is our tree!

Now I bought this tree for about $20 on clearnece at Kmart about 5 years ago. It is a Martha Stewart tree and it was originally about $75.00. The ornaments are from Walmart and they are shatterproof and glittery. they were about $5.00 for 12. The little red ribbons are from Family Dollar and they were $1.00 for 12 as well. The big red ribbon on top was also $1.00. I wanted the tree to be very simple.

This is a little side table I have next to my treadmill. This is my workout table (will post more info later)
All I did was take a ribbon for the top ($1.00) and some little fluffy trees for the ends ($1.00 each)
The glittery ornaments are left overs from the tree and I thought they brought some christmas spirit to my workout area.

This is another small side table I have next to the tv. I took my candle holder ($2.00 in goodwill) from the other room and put some more left over ornaments i had. The Nativity scence is another Family Dollar item that I got for $1.00 and I thought the gold and the ornamnets look cute together... Now like I said before I did not want to go crazy so I just picked up a few things from the Dollar Store and I think it all turned out really cute! I spent a total about $17.00. I purchased a bin to hold all of the decor when the season is over so I will make a post about that later.  I would love to see your decorations so post pics if you like! Remember to follow me and to leave comments! Happy Savings!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I wanted to update my post about Black Friday Shopping.
I got up with my mom and we prepared ourselves for a long morning. I arrived at Kmart at 3am on Thursday morning. The wait was fine. Everyone was nice and calm.  Around 5am the one of the store managers came out and said that in order of arrival they would allow customers to go in early to avoid issues and they everyone will have a chance to make their purchases. That worked out fine till the other person in charge just allowed everyone to run in. OMG I have never in my  life seen anything like that. The store did not organize the items at all! Everything was thrown in the middle of the floor and people were not happy. Two grown women almost got into a fist fight over a TV. One older man punched another older man in the face for pushing into him. My mother and I avoided all the drama over the TV and kept on with our shopping plan. We had a great time together. The store would never had had this issue if they would have all been on the same page and kept things in order. All the issues that accrued could have been avoided if management was on the same page. At the end of it all 12 police cars had to be called to control the crowd. So my final verdict on Kmart :: Shame on you! Get it together people! We all know Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year and your management team sucked. All those poor cashiers had no clue what was going on and it could have all been avoided.

My Next trip was at Family Dollar.  When we arrived there was no line which was good. The workers were all very friendly like they normally are and the store was perfectly clean. I was in and out and I could not have been happier! As always it was a pleasure to shop at your store!

Now my final trip was to Walmart. Let me start off my saying that I was a little scared to even go because the sale started at 8pm and because of issues with my husbands job we didn't even lave our home till 9pm. When we arrived the store was at maximum capacity and we had to wait in line to enter the store. The line had about 100 people. At first I thought that this was not going to end well at all but my husband really wanted a new Xbox so we waited. I asked the person in charge if there was going to be enough items for everyone and she assured that that they had more then enough. Well i am happy to say I was in the store in a matter of MINUTES! When I walked in I was greeted my the worker controlling the line. When I arrived to the section where the Xbox was located I was greeted and handed my item. There was seriously about 100 of the new Xbox's available and even more in the stockroom! The store was in perfect order. Everyone was very helpful and the stock of items in sale was amazing. There was a line I noticed for the HP Laptops but management was very organized and everyone was able to seemed to be taken care of very well.  I did not see anyone leave the electronic section unhappy. After I got everything on my list i had 2 people in front of me in line. Every single register in Walmart was open and no one seemed to have a long wait. My final verdict for Walmart :: AMAZING!!!!!!! this by far was the best experience I have had all day! Next year I will be going back to Walmart for ll of my Black Friday shopping!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey Guys! Well I thought with Thanksgiving in a few days I thought I would check in with some tips to make sure your holiday goes smoothly...

* I know the holidays can be very stressful so my first tip is to be prepared! Make a list of the food you are going to be cooking.

* Now that you have your list grab your coupons and go shopping early.  You do not want to be stuck at the grocery store on Thanksgiving day shopping for items they forgot.

*Now that you have your list and all your groceries plan out the food you can make before hand. Some side dishes can be made the night before... salads, desserts, drinks, ect. Prepare your turkey the night before as well if possible. that way the following morning you just stick it in the oven! One less thing you have to do :0)

* If your having family or friends over and you are having a pot luck type meal then call everyone and confirm what they will bring over.

* I just find it easier to to enjoy the day when you get a head start on the day and a head start on the cooking.

* Now I enjoy cooking our meals from scratch but with a husband and 3 kids I do not always have the chance so if i can maybe order some dishes and save time, I am all for it. This year I am ordering the rice and beans and I will just pick up the order from the restaurant down the block. Total was $10.

Well I hope these tips helped! If you have any other tips I would love to hear them! Happy Savings!